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Hi all, my name is Jasmine and welcome to my blog about pregnant life. I hope you will enjoy the journey of the up’s and downs and the in between. I am overflowing with so many thoughts and feelings that i cannot wait to spill! Currently i am in the last leg at 37 weeks and waiting for my bundle of joy to make his debut.

The first chapter of motherhood is pregnancy

Pregnancy is the opening chapter to a new life where the wind will blow you in directions unknown, daunting yet exciting. No one knows what lies ahead in the coming months,all 9 of them! The only assurance is that at the end you will be a mother to a beautiful baby boy or girl. I believe motherhood starts as soon as the pregnancy test says positive, not only when the baby arrives.

That hit me quick!

I laughed so much as my thoughts scattered when the doctor confirmed my suspicions that i was in fact carrying a little bean. Pregnant in my last of university no way that cannot be possible, however i am in love with babies soooooo this could be good. Life changed forever in a split second, i tired to contain my happiness because i knew that my environment would be impacted DRASTICALLY.

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